Neither Civil Nor Servant

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The Philip Yeo Story

Don’t call me a civil servant. I consider that an insult.” – Philip Yeo 

Philip Yeo is not only one of Singapore’s most accomplished government officials, but also among its most colourful bureaucrats. The maverick has blazed new paths in a manner more akin to an entrepreneur than a civil servant, breaking rules, defying conventions and stepping on more than a few toes along the way. Neither Civil Nor Servant captures the half a century career of the former Economic Development Board chairman. Yeo was the man who turned Batam into a household name in Singapore and created Jurong Island from seawater, among other brilliant achievements. This book is a must-read for those after behind-the-scene stories of some of Singapore’s biggest post-independence military, economic and political adventures.

AUTHOR:    PEH Shing Huei 
Peh Shing Huei is a Singapore Literature Prize-winning author of When the Party Ends. He was formerly the news editor and China bureau chief at The Straits Times.





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