Retire Smart

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Following the success of her first two books, Talk Money and More Talk Money, financial journalist Lorna Tan is back with her third personal finance guide, this time focusing on retirement planning.

In this compilation of articles published from 2015 to 2017, The Sunday Times’ Invest Editor cuts through complex financial concepts, schemes and jargon to help the layman make sense of what is important for planning his financial future and growing his nest egg.

The timely topics covered include tips on making the most of the various Central Provident Fund schemes and enhancements, plugging gaps in one’s insurance coverage, and investing smartly without falling prey to scams. There are also sections devoted to legacy planning, credit and debt planning and consumer protection.

Suitable for both the fresh school graduate and the more seasoned investor, Retire Smart will empower them to take charge of their financial journey as they look ahead to retiring well.

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March 2018